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The Pros And Cons Of Using FBA On Amazon

“Fulfillment By Amazon, FBA”, is a phrase which is heard by every seller on Amazon. Everyone who has ever asked around for advice to be successful on Amazon has recommended FBA. The overall attitude of the merchants on Amazon towards FBA is a mixture of love and hate. Those who have decided not to avail it are probably even unaware of what it is. So here’s a brief description of FBA for those alien to it.

FBA is a service availed by the vendors on Amazon in return of a certain amount of payment they pay monthly. Instead of the sellers, it is the Amazon which takes care of everything. From packing to delivery, it does it all to lessen the burden on you. Availing FBA means that you won’t even need to drop the products to the Amazon’s offices too. Soon after you get a sale, Amazon workers themselves come to your granary to pick the merchandise. After that, it no longer remains your headache to deliver it because Amazon knows how to do it better.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Now let’s talk about why or why not is the idea of availing FBA a suitable one

Rewards of FBA

  • As a beginner in selling, what you need is more and more free time. FBA ensures you get it.
  • Storage is another issue which all of us face. Our products take up entire of our living space making our lives difficult. Availing FBA means that this space issues will be totally up to Amazon to manage.
  • Padding the goods can get a little tiresome and annoying especially if you have lesser space. Signing up for FBA means that you send away this annoyance far from yourself too. Amazon’s team will take care of packing your products itself. Don’t worry, they will do it far better than we even can.
  • FBA means a better reputation in the eyes of the buyers. If you are a new merchant and are not known by many, FBA will back your name up with Amazon. This has direct advantages as people will be automatically inclined to your products because of the Amazon’s tag over them.
  • FBA gets you complete rid of those exhausting tax and customs duties and their fulfillment. Amazon looks onto of all that while you sit back and relaxingly attract more buyers.
  • In case your merchandise has to be returned by the customers, FBA will ensure it is done well. You don’t have to stress out under such circumstances.
    Shortcomings of FBA
  • The fee of FBA is not an easy amount to pay for many beginners every month. You have to be vigilant otherwise you can save no profit from your sales.
  • Sometimes the products are mixed-up and the wrong item gets shipped to the wrong buyer. This lessens your repute in the eyes of your customers.
  • Sending your goods via FBA requires you to do a little more homework in terms of labeling, etc.